Michael hails from a small town in North Jersey right outside New York city. As a child, Michael was constantly creating new characters or dressing up as his favorite characters from movies, TV, cartoons, video games, or anything that he could imitate. He loved to put on shows and plays for his family, and spent oodles of time with his favorite imagery friend, Lolaplop who was an oversized bumblebee that lived in a doghouse in his backyard. With a dense imagination from a young age, Michael loved to do anything creative that he could get his little hands on. 

Michael was a class clown from the very start, and his teachers recognized his theatrical and creative nature at a young age, which is why they selected him to be the star of his 3rd grade play as the 'T-Rex who stole Christmas'. It is safe to say that he 'caught the bug' from an early age. During middle school and high school, Michael spent hours watching sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, All That, and In Living Color, and often convinced his teachers to allow him to submit 'videos' for assignments instead of doing written paperwork. Some of his 'videos' are still shown at his high school to this day.

But it wasn't until his senior year of high school that he became involved in theater again. He tried out for the fall comedy 'Play On' and landed one of the lead parts. Michael fell in love and knew for sure this was the career for him. He became obsessed and started trying out for everything he could and performed in the rest of the school plays that year. Then in the summer after he graduated, Michael wanted to try out for the summer musical, 'Les Miserables', but he'd never sung before. He was so determined, he sat in his mother's car for hours everyday and sang 'Stars' until he knew how to sing confidently enough to get up in front of the director and audition. He landed the part of 'Marius' and his love for performing was launched to another level. It was then he decided that he wanted to be a professional performer. 

Michael attended Montclair State University, but with his limited experience in theater, he wasn't sure how to go about perusing a career in acting. During his first year as an undecided major, he did 'Godspell' with a handful of the theater majors, who helped lead him to audition for the BFA program where he concentrated in Acting. His time at MSU was invaluable, Michael was able to explore and fine tune his craft, while gaining the experience of performing in plays and musicals which helped him to grow immeasurably. Michael was nominated three times for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship, where he competed at the American College Theater festival and won the runner-up in his senior year. Michael also started his own theater company 'Fill in the Blank' productions, where he fell in love with directing and explored writing and producing original content of his fellow students and peers.  

After college, Michael moved to New York City, and shortly after he booked his first big gig: the International tour of 'Avenue Q'. Michael played Nicky/Trekkie/Bad Idea Bear for a year and a half in almost every major city in the US, as well as many Canadian cities and Tokyo, Japan. Upon his return, Michael seamlessly transitioned into the Off-Broadway company, where he still resides today. 

Michael also began a voice over career shortly after his return to New York City. He was cast in 'Pokemon: X, Y, and Z' as the supporting lead charter 'Clemont' and also voices a Pokemon named 'Inkay'. As his voice over career began to expand, he landed the main protagonist of 'Yu Gi Oh: Arc V', 'Yuya Sakaki'. Michael also voices many other supporting characters on both shows

His other projects include a sketch comedy group: SOCK!. His work can be seen on FunnyOrDie, YouTube, Vimeo, and all over the interwebs. Michael is also a singer/songwriter, he is currently working on an recording and releasing an EP for his band 'Wanderers'.